Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I know I shouldn't complain, but it was hard going to work today after being off for nearly three for Christmas. I missed the kids even though I knew they were having a good time with Andrew. It all got better when I came home to this though: 

Green tip #5: Reuse. We're slowly exchanging disposable items in our home. We use cloth diapers and are trying to switch to cloth wipes (although the disposables are a little hard to get rid of) and we use either an overturned plate on top of a bowl or glass containers or jars for leftovers and for freezing instead of cellophane and freezer bags. When we plan ahead, we bring cloth bags to go shopping and if I have to buy a bag, I always choose paper. At our grocery store we really don't need to bag any fruits or veggies separately since we scan them ourselves and put them directly in our shopping bags. We wash our dish rags and sponges until they start falling apart and I began using cloth feminine hygiene products since it's super easy to throw them in the same bin as the diapers. I know of people who even use cloth for their own toilet needs, but I'm not sure we're there yet. Some things are tricky though, like what to use instead of plastic bags for our non-recyclable waste, or what to do about all those food containers that you get if you can't buy food in bulk. Have you stopped using any disposable items? How did you replace them or did you realize you didn't need them at all?


  1. Warning: Andrew might not want to read the following comment.

    Rather than cloth pads I really am a fan of menstrual sponges or menstrual cups. Yep, this is one place where I am doing my part to be "green."

  2. I believe Andrew has joined us in modern times where the female reproductive system is no longer tabu ;)

    That's so great, Margo! I've been considering the menstrual cup for quite some time, but have never gotten around to trying it. Most people swear by it though and I love the idea of both avoiding trash and chemicals inside my body. Keep it up!

  3. Slår också ett slag för menskoppen! Så fantastisk grej!

  4. Förövrigt en helt fantastisk bild på dig och barnen <3