Thursday, October 31, 2013


Assorted pictures from the last few weeks:

We find Inara and Alba like this a lot. They are most likely hatching some devious plan against their poor parents.

After her bath. Check out the hair!

Things have improved significantly in the Nitz-Barney household since I last wrote. Inara is much happier and tantrums are now at an acceptable level. She still loves her little sister and still takes her frustrations out on her parents when needed. 

There are so many things to write about, but not enough time. 

Alba has started smiling, is above the curve both for weight and length (she's wearing 3-month clothes now) and is generally a pretty happy baby. 

Inara says the funniest things nowadays and we especially enjoy her long, nonsensical stories that are part real and part fantasy (mostly the latter). She started being afraid of the dark about a month ago and now has to have the light on when she sleeps or she wakes up and has terrible night-terrors. She's especially concerned with monsters after watching a very mild cartoon about a monster (I feel kinda bad about that one, but in my defense that show has never been scary before). She also started dance classes and absolutely loves it. She's by far the wildest, but has a great time. Unfortunately, she has went from being a fish in the water to hating the pool, so no more swimming lessons for now. She knows how to recite the numbers up to 15 and sometimes 20, can count to about 5 and recognizes a couple of numbers and letters. She is very interested in knowing what things say and asks us to read signs and labels to her. She is also very excited about the trip to the U.S. and talks a lot about going on an airplane and seeing everybody over there.

That's all I have time to write for now, so Happy Halloween! 


  1. When are y'all visiting the states? I'm glad everything there has improved! It was making me a little nervous to add to our family! Alba is such a angelic looking baby. I love hearing about Inara growing and learning.

    1. In two weeks! We're very excited (not about the trip part though). Yeah, I'm not going to lie and say it hasn't been hard, but still worth it. If you just get through those first few weeks, things get a lot better. Thanks for reading, I' actually going to try that kale soup you posted one of these days. Funny thing is that kale is only available at health food stores around here. Where are you spending Thanksgiving this year?

  2. Jalee says she really likes the picture of Maria looking down and Inara looking. She is in a photography class now and she appreciates artistic photography.

    1. Tell Jalee thanks! I actually thought about how the positioning was interesting. Pretty telling of the situation, I think.