Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Friendly Hint

Ok, I realize my belly is pretty big. However, it has measured exactly on the normal curve for both pregnancies, so there is nothing unusual about it. Still, I have actually dreaded going out in public, because of how many comments I get every single day about being something akin to a blue whale. This happened both in the U.S. and here in Sweden.  

How come it's considered extremely poor manners to point out to an overweight person that they are overweight, while it's completely acceptable to say to a pregnant woman that she's fat? I get that people generally don't mean any harm by saying that my belly is the most humongous thing they ever laid eyes on, but how do they expect me to respond? With some similar commentary on a perhaps unusual feature of theirs, such as, "man, that is one crooked nose you've got there!" or maybe by agreeing that I am in fact a hot air balloon? I can take one of these comments every once in a while, but hearing how huge and fat you are several times a day for about seven months takes it's toll. Besides, I can only imagine what comments like these might do to a pregnant woman with an eating disorder. I also have a friend who was really bothered by people's comments on how small her belly was, so just leaving size out of it is definitely the way to go.

So, hint #1 for staying on a pregos good side: Do not comment on the size of her belly, big or small.  

I also want to bring up the people who start arguing with me about when my due date is and whether or not I'm having twins. Often complete strangers. I usually refer to the skills of the medical professionals who I've seen throughout my pregnancy and the technological wonders of ultrasounds, but they are rarely satisfied.

Therefore, hint #2 for staying on a pregos good side: Accept her answers regarding gestation and number of babies or don't ask.

What are your thoughts? Is this something that those of you who've had babies recognize and if so, are you bothered by it or able to just see it as people being nice? 

And now, to lighten the mood: A picture of Inara and Andrew playing in her new room (we moved to the living room since we haven't been able to find a bigger place):


  1. I feel like so many people just HAVE to say something even though they really don't. Everyday I was pregnant with Lily and I went into work there were so many comments on my belly (or lack of). I think pregnant women with huge bellies are the most beautiful thing on earth and I wanted that and never got it. It actually hurt!

    Just remember though you might hate the comments and feel huge that your body is completely embodying womanhood right now. And that is awesome! Look what your body can do!

  2. And sorry to use the word "huge". You really aren't. Anyone who questions the size if a pregnant woman's body obviously has no idea what they are talking about!

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  4. I think you are being too friendly. If you slap their hand they will catch on very quickly about it being rude! I'm still trying to decide how to handle rude comments. And since it was my hind-end that tended to get huge I really didn't have this same problem. That's probably a good thing dontcha think.

  5. Aaa fy vad jag hatar tjockis kommentarer! "åhhh vilken tjockismage!" och dylik skit. Käftsmäll på den alltså. Känner hur gamla aggressioner blossar upp..ghaaa.
    Skit i alla ogenomtänka kommentarer!

    Puss på dig

    1. Tack for stodet! Helt sjukt att folk havar ur sig vad som helst till gravida. Med alla hormoner som flyter runt sa borde dem egentligen passa sig. Kande i helgen att jag knappt orkar ga ut pa offentliga platser pga alla kommentarer. Puss pa dig ocksa!