Thursday, July 18, 2013

Inara vs. the train and the long, long distance to the potty

Whelp. Another week almost gone by now in this summer. Planning on getting ready for winter I guess.

In the mean time this week on the island is known as 'Stockholmsvecka' which translates directly as Stockholm's Week. That translation isn't correct, however. The proper translation is 'rich kids come to Gotland from Stockholm (or where ever) and spend their parent's money getting trashed, urinate/vomit on anything that doesn't move (or does) and commit as many small to medium sized acts of drunken vandalism possible week.' I'd say it is probably the best time to visit. I'm just pissy because they are gobbling up the islands bandwidth and food. The stores seriously can't get food (and diapers) in fast enough. Like a game of hungry, hungry hippos tourists.

Now on to the main topic...

There used to be a well functioning train network on Gotland but in the late 1950's and early 1960's they decided that it would probably be better to tear that all out. All of it. Leave not a single stretch of track behind (or so). And you wonder why they did this? Well because cars and individual travel was clearly the wave of the future. Seriously, who would ride in a train or a bus in the future? It goes without saying that they who made that clever and longsighted decision are well beyond caring but I imagine them as group of guys flipping the bird at future generations. This is not wholy unlike current environmental policies in some countries. But digress again...

Anywho a group on the island seeming convinced the EU to give them money to 'restore' a  3km stretch of track. The track is nearby so Inara and I went to have ride. The ride to one end took 6 minutes (generously) and the ride back took 15 because we stopped twice to look at old train depots and get a short lecture on the history of Gotland's trains. As you can imagine the lectures were well taken by Inara. There are movies but just getting the pictures to load took me long enough to get angry at the tourists again.

So here we are. You'll notice that Inara is sporting a death metal hair style. Or as I like to call it the 'Can you wear your hat? No, no no no. How about a hair clip? no no no no' style. Getting rid of her pacifier is going great also.

She was mildly impressed with the train.

This was the look I got when I suggested we actually get on the train to ride it, which had been our pre-determined objective.

On the train while we were moving. This is one of the few times she left my lap. Trains are loud and scary.

Are we done? Nope halfway point. That engine is coming back.

Kindly conductor placing his hat on Inara for a good picture.

He was rewarded with a 'No no no, I don't want to (Nej, nej, nej. Vill inte!)' and an attempt to throw the hat under the train.
The one on the left is me wearing a stylish Money Never Sleeps shirt. Anita's neighbor took the picture.

On to the next topic... So you're all aware of our attempts to potty train Inara. She has done remarkably well with peeing in the potty. The only failures were on Maria's watch, and I suspect they were likely Maria setting Inara up. Pooping in the potty has been another beast. It seems that poop travels through a small child so quickly that it cannot be predicted by said child more than 5-10 seconds before it happens.

Yesterday Inara explained to me in a gaspy voice that was immediately recognizable as the 'pooing' voice that she, 'needed to pee' during lunch. I sprang into action and grabbed her up and ran her to the bathroom and the potty. I set her down and waited. She finished up and stood up. Mysteriously there was no poo in the potty, just pee. I checked and there was definitive evidence of poo on her posterior. I then began to survey my surroundings like a man who has ran into a mine field. In the immediate vicinity there were two cherry pits that had clearly passed through the business end of someone, but that was it. It was odd, but I figured I'd dodged the bullet. I cleaned Inara up and proceeded to the kitchen to finish eating, and where Grandma Anita had never stopped eating her lunch. It was there I saw it in all of its glory. It must have dropped out of Inara nearly the same time I picked her up. I strongly wanted to take a picture and post it here but I suspect that would have been on the verge of passing what is considered good taste.

Today as we were having dinner Maria got a similar warning but hesitated two or three seconds to put her fork down. This resulted in the poo landing on the floor mere feet from the potty. I'll keep you posted on how this shapes up.


  1. So good to hear from you and get your colorful parenting stories, keep them coming

  2. I was trying to remember how we finally broke Bryce of his binky. We let him keep a long time (he was also over 2). I think one day grandma convinced him to throw it in the garbage. Then when he asked for it, for days on end, we told him he threw it away. I'm not sure if that's good parenting but it did get rid of the pacifier. I much rather prefer the problem of how to break them of than having a children that refuses to use one (aka Tucker, Jalee...)

    Anyway, fun train trip. Now she can't say that's she never been on a train. You'll start to hear in a few years about ALL OF THE THINGS I'VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DO. And you'll gleefully pull out these pictures and prove to her that she has indeed been on a train ride even if she has no memory.