Monday, January 5, 2015

Never Too Late for Christmas

Finally! My computer has arrived and as promised, I have barely gotten it out of the box before posting this. We had the flu for Christmas, so unfortunately we ended up celebrating mostly by ourselves except for my mom who ventured to see us since she didn't want to miss the kids opening their gifts. It still turned out pretty well and Inara and Alba both seemed happy despite Santa's lack of an appearance (which is customary in Sweden).

Some Christmas preparations:

Andrew and Inara made this awesome gingerbread house. Inara has only been allowed to eat a couple of pieces of candy every other day or so, but somehow there are lots of little finger prints in the powdered sugar and a few more jelly bears missing than there should be.

Making sugar cookies with grandma. Inara actually suggested this since she remembered making sugar cookies with grandma K. last Thanksgiving.

Wrapping a gift for a friend. I dare say it was one of the most well-taped presents out there.
We were focusing on skyping with family for the gift opening, so not a lot of pictures of that, but the girls had lots of fun and got a bunch of nice gift from family and friends. Christmas this year was a lot of fun despite illnesses. It's a lot more rewarding and also a little stressful to make Christmas special for a kid who's old enough to remember things (although Inara remembers last Christmas too, I guess).

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  1. Very cute gingerbread house. Sounds like you had a merry sickmas.