Thursday, August 25, 2016

'Merica 2016 Part 2

Maria said no one commented on my last post so I shouldn't do another. Thing is I'm doing it for the true fans, even if they are too shy to send a shout out. Talking about you visitors from Pakistan and China  Russia that were lead here by spam links! Your confusion on coming to this page when seeking something, likely dubious content, gives me no end of joy. Welcome! Enjoy the below picture.

Following Inara's first birthday celebration of the summer, she is about to have her...3rd? birthday this Saturday, we headed south to meet the grandparents. Rather than waxing poetic about that I'll just post pictures with some comments as I deem needed. Just picking the below pictures took 30+ minutes.

Gettin' in the spirit.

Before the sand thorn took Alba out.

Surveying her domain.

In the tree that daddy planted. Daddy feeling old now that the tree is now over 20ft tall and is climbable. Woo.

Grandpa setup this horse ride. The request had been white, accomplished, with a unicorn horn, failed. 50% is okay I guess but you could have done better grandpa. How hard is it to superglue a horn to the head of a horse belonging to your cop neighbor? Seriously.

No idea. Mug shot?

Dissecting owl pellets is fun for the whole family!

Mouse skull

Mesa Falls

What handsome blue glasses you have on Andrew. What, you say they're prescription too? Amazing!

Maria looking cool at the Falls.

Seconds before Alba broke down.

Funny story, the graham crackers and marshmellows being eaten in this picture are older than Alba. Much older. Seconds later everyone had spit out the smor they'd bitten into. Alba was the most polite when rejecting her smor. I gagged and spit it into the fire. Kinda ruined the smor experience. Not the just eating (fresher) marshmellow experience however.

Caught a snake.

Snake was cool with it.

Visited great grandma and got some tea sets and some dolls.

Grandpa riding side saddle like a real lady.

Alba being a cat.

Chatting the fam up.

Inara liked that turtle. The turtle was indifferent.

Killer swing.

Snuggles being snuggled. The cat was mauled and loved it. The cat is probably the most talked about part of the entire trip.

Inara after the close encounter with a treadmill. Chewed up her face.

How the damn peanut butter section should look. LEARN SWEDEN - ONE BOTTLE OF SKIPPY CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Trampoline dodgeball. I hurt myself there. In fact everyone in this picture got hurt there. Fun place!

Inara's face is scabbing up real nice.

Alba sitting under the bar lights.



Some cheating was going on here. Pretty sure Alba was involved.

A perfectly good picture ruined by Rhett.

Balloons going to the next birthday party.


This unicorn had an extra hole in its head because grandma thought it was rhino at first. Honestly, who doesn't know where a unicorn has its horn?

Check out that amazing shirt.

The pinata action begins.

After a few rounds and very little damage dad takes over.

Normal birthday dinner.

Alba ruining a picture.

Went to the largest dinosaur museum in the U.S. It was cool.

Alba riding a 'blue' horse and waving to her adoring public.

The last picture, it should have a dinosaur, right?
The stats:

Hours driven by Andrew: 38
Miles driven by Andrew: 1,800
Kilometers driven by Andrew: 2,900

Hours driven by Maria: 0
Miles driven by Maria: 0
Kilometers driven by Maria:0

Square inches of skin lost by Inara: 2
Number of different homes slept in:10
Horses ridden: 5

Airplane hours (in the air): 25
Zoos visited: 2
Cousins seen (the girls): All

Visits to Walmart: Embarrassingly many.

Well that wraps up this blog post. Maybe Maria will be inspired to post some more soon. I just burnt through an evening giving you all 2-4 minutes of entertainment so I'm probably burnt out for 3-6 months.