Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Museum and Santa

I did not forget my promise to make a Christmas post, but my computer has checked out permanently and Andrew's computer doesn't have a card-reader. So, unfortunately you have to wait until my new computer arrives and make due with this post about our trip to Stockholm a couple of weeks ago.

Inara has been wanting to go see a dinosaur exhibit in a museum for as long as she's known museums exist, so we decided to make a weekend out of it. We arrived in Stockholm on Friday morning and managed to comfortably squeeze a visit to the museum of natural history, the aquarium and Santa into our schedule before taking the ferry home on Sunday night. We also had a chance to visit with two of my cousins and at night I snuck out and saw some old friends while the rest stayed at the hotel.

I knew that the big dino-exhibit was under construction, but did think that the temporary exhibit would still be pretty good, which it wasn't. Inara didn't mind too much though since there was also a very interactive exhibit about the human body going on, as well as an exhibit about Nordic animals.  

At the aquarium:

Admiring giant moose in central Stockholm:

Inara waiting in line to see Santa, clutching her wishlist in her hand. It contained three items: Pink, glittery nail polish, Sorry (the board game) and a book about the jungle book.


Because of some poor (or excellent?) planning on the department store's part, Santa was located right next to where some adorable boy band was signing autographs. This resulted in huge mass of warm, anxious children wanting to see Santa and distraught, sobbing teenage girls wanting to catch a glimpse of their crushes. 

Admiring the Christmas displays:

And on the way home someone was so beat they fell aslep on the floor of the ferry:

Green tip #4: Don't throw away food. This is one that we struggle with in our family. No matter what we do, we seem to end up with some old leftovers in the fridge that we end up throwing away. I really hate it and would love advice on how to get better about it. I think that part of the problem for us is that we have such varying tastes in food that it frequently doesn't work to just whip something up out of what's left in the cupboards. What do you do to throw away less food?

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