Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Friend

Inara doesn't have a favorite stuffed toy, blanket or anything like that, except for her pacifier. What she does have, is a small obsession with twirling my hair for comfort when she's sleepy or sad. Every day for the last couple of weeks when I've dropped her off at preschool, one of the newer girls has been bawling and calling for mom. A couple of days ago, Inara and this girl laid next to each other for nap time and by some lucky spell, it turns out that they're both hair twirlers. I guess they just snuggle in, twirl each others hair and fall right asleep. If one wakes up, she looks around for the other, but then calms down and starts twirling again. When this happened earlier in the week, it was the first time this other little girl had gotten a good nap while at preschool. 

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