Saturday, May 10, 2014


We tried out our new bike trailer tonight and I'm really excited to start zooming around town with the girls in it! It will also be great this summer as we can all go to the beach or anywhere around town using it. 

Alba is thrilled - Inara is trying to look cool.

Alba is still thrilled - Inara is still too cool for the camera.

Nope, mom and dad's tricks will not make her smile (Alba is still excited).

No matter what (Alba is still excited).

Inara trying hard to remain cool - Alba is ready to roll.

Got ya!

Inara IS excited - Alba is wondering if we're going yet.

Inara is thrilled -Alba is ok.

Let's go!!


  1. Maybe soon they can shed the winter wear and get into their bathing suits.

    1. We're keeping our fingers crossed! We had a little bit of a teaser summer and then it's been nothing but cold winds and rain. Hope you're doing better over there!