Monday, April 28, 2014


The weather has been gorgeous here and we are truly starting to enjoy having a backyard. Mostly we just keep the door open and Inara runs in and out. Here are some pictures of the girls enjoying our little patch of grass:

Inara wrestles Alba to the ground and then they laugh like maniacs.

And Inara is an incredibly good sport about Alba pulling her hair.


Eating ice-cream
Watching Inara eat ice-cream.


  1. I was just looking at these photos...
    Inara is a mini-Andrew, while Alba is a mini-Maria.

    Are you sure they're not clones of yourselves? :D

    1. Jacopo! So nice of you to look at our blog! I do agree with you about Inara, but have a harder time seeing myself in Alba (although she does not look as much like Andrew). Hope all is well with you and that we get to see to see you back on the island soon!

  2. Love that picture of Alba smiling at the camera. What a beautiful baby!