Sunday, January 5, 2014


Normally, we read to Inara before bed, sometimes sing to her (if she allows it) and then snuggle her for a little while before she goes to sleep. The other night though, Inara told Andrew that she was going to read by herself and that he had to leave so she could sleep. He figured she would change her mind pretty quick, but we heard her just flipping through her books for a while, then it got quiet and we found this:

Tonight when Andrew was putting her down, she again told him to leave. He responded that that was fine and that he loved her and that he always would no matter how big she got. He must have looked a little sad, because she pondered for a moment and then told him he could stay and read to her. 

It's strange how you whine and moan about having to cram yourself into a tiny kid-bed every night and then when you're not allowed to do it anymore, it feels kinda sad. 

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