Saturday, May 5, 2012

Perfect Body

So, I needed a new bikini. There was no getting around it since we're leaving for Turkey next week. I always hated that type of shopping; having to get nearly completely undressed in the middle of a store, the horrible lighting in the changing rooms, and having to scrutinize myself from all angles in those full length mirrors. Adding to these old issues is now the fact that having been pregnant has left its mark. 

With this stage set, you might think that this will turn into a story of self pity, but au contraire! Funny enough, I realized that I actually care much less about what I look like in a bikini now than before. Sure, I'm flawed in all sorts of ways and I need to exercise more (I don't think pregnancy is an excuse to stop that), but holy cow, I friggin made another person with this body! If someone is offended by seeing me the way I am now, they will just have to live with it because I fully intend to enjoy myself wearing whatever I please. In the Regina Spektor song "Folding Chair," there is a line that goes: "I've got a perfect body, cause my eyelashes catch my sweat." This is important to remember when you wish you looked like one of those photoshoped women in the magazines. Most of us just take our bodies for granted when we should be giving them some serious props. 

Anyhow, gotta go prepare for tomorrow. Exactly what's going to happen is top secret, but I can divulge that it involves cake. 


  1. Good thinking! There is no perfect body,we are what we are. Because of, or inspite of our flaws.You my dear are beautiful! Enjoy the cake

  2. Word! Blev nästan tårögd här, satt precis o hade komplex...